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  • New Security Feature (Action Required)

    September 7, 2014 by Jason Barnes
  • ​CloudAtCost has a large user base who uses our servers for learning programming and linux. With this comes a great chance of poorly secured servers and code which leads to servers getting hacked and users loosing all their work.

    We have implemented server run modes which will allow a new server to be used for 7 days then shutdown to prevent users from leaving their servers and programming projects unattended. This default mode is called "Safe Mode". If you are running a service you can login to the panel and click "Change Run Mode" and set to "Normal" which is the always on Mode.

    At this moment ALL servers are set to "Safe Mode" which gives you a week to login and change this to "Normal" where you see fit.

    CloudAtCost recommends leaving it on "Safe Mode" if you are not using this server to serve anything on the internet. 

    You can view your "Current" server run mode by clicking the Blue info Icon for a server.
    You can change the run mode by Clicking "Modify -  Change Run Mode"

    If you have any questions please let us know.
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